12 Activities for Babies 12-18 Months

At this point, your little one may be standing, walking, and even running on their own. This opens up a whole new world for them to explore, and as their gross and fine motor skills are developing there are new activities that they can engage in! Check out some of these activities for babies 12-18 months we’ve listed below:

As your baby is growing and developing and exploring, try out some of these activities for babies 12-18 months we’ve listed below.
  1. DIY Object Permanence Box – With just a cardboard box, some tape, and a few balls or other small objects that you probably already have you can create this DIY Object Permanence Box!
  2. Painting with Water – This activity is so quick and easy to set up, and won’t stain anything! Put out some water and paint brushes or paint rollers either outside on concrete or indoors with construction paper and let your little one hone their creativity!
  3. Baking Sheet Magnet Boards – You can get baking sheets from the dollar store and simply arrange magnetic letters or other magnets for your little to arrange and play with!
  4. Pom Pom Drop – Need a quick and easy toddler activity? Build a simple pom pom drop out of recycled supplies! It’ll keep your toddler happy, busy, and wonderfully entertained.
  5. No-Mess Painting – This activity takes just a few minutes to prep and the best part, there is NO MESS!
  6. Easy Goop Recipe – Kids of all ages love making, and playing with, this easy goop recipe. Moms love that it’s completely safe for even the youngest toddlers!
  7. Washing Farm Animal Sensory Bin – This simple farm animal sensory bin can be set up in minutes and is irresistible–the kids will be begging for a turn as soon as they spot it!
  8. DIY Water Blob – This tutorial will show you how to make a water blob which is a great water activity for kids (and adults) in the summer.
  9. Edible Gluten Free No Cook Play Dough – This recipe produces a super fun, safe, and edible dough that easily takes on color to create vibrant colors.
  10. Ice Painting – Ice painting is a great way to cool things off on a hot summer day or to introduce the concept of hot and cold!
  11. Make Your Own Sensory Board – A sensory board or busy board is a fun, hands-on activity for babies and toddlers to help them touch, explore and learn about different objects all in one place.
  12. Q-Tip Push – Turn an egg carton into an engaging activity for your baby or toddler!

Check out our lists of activities for babies 0-6 months and 6-12 months for more ideas!

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