14 Activities for Babies 6-12 Months

Most babies between six and twelve months of age are usually beginning to sit up, starting to crawl, and perhaps even taking their first steps. In this stage, baby is suddenly much more aware of everything around them and finally has more mobility to explore their world. You can help them with this by creating safe and interesting areas for them to explore different textures, tastes, smells, sounds, shapes, and colors. Your baby will love the activities we have compiled and we think you’ll have fun watching baby navigate them, too!

Your baby will love these 15 activities for babies 6-12 months and we think you’ll have fun watching baby navigate them, too!

14 activities for babies 6-12 months:

  1. Baby Ring Grab – Sticky walls are perfect for baby activities. This activity lets your baby work on their motor skills while also having sensory fun.
  2. Edible Baby Sand – We know they’re gonna taste it, so we might as well just make it edible! Made with just graham crackers and oatmeal, this completely taste-safe sand is fun for baby to explore.
  3. Baby Shapes Grab – A variation of the ring grab, this activity is an easy set up with contact paper and allows baby to explore different shapes.
  4. Rainbow Spaghetti – This activity is not only easy, it’s super inexpensive! With only three ingredients you can’t go wrong. Babies will love squishing the spaghetti and letting it slide through their fingers, making for a fantastic sensory experience!
  5. Jello Dig – Hide some different toys in a pan of jello and let your baby explore, squish, and dig for them!
  6. Edible Paint for Babies – This activity is so simple and cheap. Food coloring and baby rice cereal make for a fun finger paint that is totally edible!
  7. Scarf Play – Play scarves are easily washed, lightweight, and easy for baby to move around. They can be used in different ways and are great for peek-a-boo!
  8. Fabric Scraps Sensory Bin – This is super simple to put together if you have some fabric scraps or pieces of large ribbon laying around. Different types of fabrics will provide baby with a variety of textures to feel and explore.
  9. Nursery Rhyme Treasure Basket – Treasure baskets are a really simple and fun activity that babies and toddlers will love. Include some toys to represent the nursery rhymes and songs you want to introduce, and you can add a few musical instruments too.
  10. Rainbow Sensory Play – This is another great idea for a sensory play activity that is taste-safe for young babies!
  11. Sensory Bags – These sensory bag ideas for babies and toddlers take minutes to make and they are perfect for young children who are exploring their sense of touch and sight.
  12. 3 Little Ducklings Water Play – Babies will have fun interacting with the mother duck and her ducklings with this simple water play activity, and you’ll love the easy setup.
  13. Textured Surprise Board – This is a great sensory  board that you can easily make for you baby with things you probably already have lying around!
  14. Sensory Fort – Making and playing in forts is a must do activity for kids. This simple teepee fort creates a safe little place for baby to play in.

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